Five reasons why people work in co-working spaces

The idea of Co-working spaces is still new to Syria, even though the number of co-working spaces has exceeded 20,000 globally.

The question is: What is the benefit that people get by working in a co-working space?  Why did the concept catch on in the first place? And why do people keep going there?

In this article, we highlight five main features of co-working spaces:

  1. Convenient working space

Many private business owners, freelancers, and even employees around the world go to co-working spaces as it provides a productive work atmosphere, starting from comfortable furnishings, fast Wi-Fi connection, printing services, and ending with conference halls. They all lead a person to further productivity and lower costs than coffee shops.

  1. Professional appearance:

Co-working spaces provides a professional feeling, which you cannot get by working in a coffee shop or at home, which may help with creating a positive and professional impression to costumers and possible clients. For example, conducting a meeting with a client in a private hall improves your professional credibility. On the contrary, meetings that take place in a coffee shop lack privacy.

  1. Eliminating the isolation:

Loneliness has always been one of the challenges that freelancers and remote workers face, because working for long hours creates a feeling of isolation. The social interaction that occurs in working is considered one of the motives and features that visitors benefit from. In addition to the affinity that you will most likely enjoy.

  1. Connections and new opportunities:

The co-working spaces provide never-ending opportunities for you to expand your connections. You may meet someone with a completely different occupation during a coffee break, or someone who can be a great help with your next project. You will meet dozens of well-experienced individuals who seek the same goal and pursue the same ambition, which helps you in building shared benefit relations and it may suggest ideas that have never crossed your mind, in addition to the activities that co-working spaces provides to improve certain skills.

  1. Adapting with the future of work:

Expectations indicates that future business will rely on co-working spaces as a work environment for individuals, which is not limited to freelancers, but also employees! in fact, many companies have started to allow their employees to work in a co-working space as an alternative to traditional work form, as it’s a clear fact now that the space's environment encourage innovation, collaboration, and communication.

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